Saturday, 25 June 2011

25/06/2011 トリプルス

1 GP was ok, I encountered some controller problems but did well nevertheless, those races also were the first races in a few days... Pretty satisfying
2 GP was good :p
3 GP on the other hand was absolute and utter bullshit. I got like 12th and 10th on the first three races (on which I actually did well, but god only knows why I received this holy punishment). Last race kind of saved the whole thing (fortunately) even though my first place was stolen by dodgers. ZzZzZ

Good games!

Monday, 20 June 2011

λ★ vs. For the win

All Stars vs. For the win 

150 - 136

149 - 142 

163 - 129

462 - 407

λ★ Larry-S: 107
λ★ Norway: 96
λ★ Linkin: 87
λ★ フウマ: 69
λ★ SRahman: 58
λ★ Chaos (1GP) / λ★ Nooboss (2GP/3GP): 15 / 30

Good games everyone. That was... quite a weird war, strangely close until the last 2 races. :P

Sunday, 19 June 2011

λ★ vs. AE7

All Stars vs. Alternative Elite Team

112 - 114

100 - 144

150 - 94

362 - 352

λ★ Thurmos: 103
λ★ Linkin: 89
λ★ Dεmιsξ: 85
λ★ Norway: 59
λ★ SRahman: 26

Good games to both teams! This war was breath taking, as we were down by 7 last race... After I voted random (desesperately hoping for DDR to get picked again), it chose MH (at everyone's delight except mine, of course) and got top 2 or something which saved us the war.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Minecraft: Project rBC3

Holidays. The perfect time to play games etc, except that MKWii is absolutely dead around 10 AM, and boring anyway. So I just turned on Minecraft and thought of something to build. I wanted to build MKWii tracks, and had already proposed the idea on the multiplayer server, though, it was never done. I then thought of building Bowser Castle 3 all by myself today, and to say to least, that'll take a while. I took 2 pictures (1/2 hours of work, approx) showing the very beginning on the project. I'll keep on posting pictures showing my progress.

- Building the track in a desert, but I still have to dig a lot because of the dunes
- Using glass for the grid
- Blue Wool for walls
- Clay for the track
- I will try to find lava and put it all over the place after I build the track

That'll probably take... A few weeks.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

4vs4vs4 clan-war (KGvsPHvsFL)

Kanbu proposed me to do a 4v4v4 the other day, which I accepted. It turned out to be fun, despite really "kusoge" from times to times... Kanbu literally owned this war. :D Shade's new controller sucks. Too bad about FL's missing player though. :(

Syo = Nemuke
Fubuki = Kanbu
Esper = Shade

Good games everyone!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

λ★ vs. LO

422 All Stars vs. Lockdown 310

A* Sword@LO : =★ Matty
LO Tyrant : =★ Nas
LO CarlosL : =★ Sagar
LO Matty : xK★Haakon
LO Obama : Fw Chilo


139 - 105


133 - 111


150 - 94

λ★ Linkin: 121
λ★ Dεmιsξ: 105
λ★MARIO: 87
λ★ Norway: 65
λ★S.Rahman: 44

λ★ vs. Fw

428 All Stars  vs. Flow 304


120 - 124


158 - 86


150 - 94

λ★ Linkin: 107
λ★MARIO: 100
λ★ Demise: 97
λ★ NMeade: 69
λ★ Norway: 55

Fun games overall. Thanks for playing. Parts of the war call were recorded and miiiiight be uploaded to Youtube sometime soon. >=D